Sorting, Auditing, Inspecting

Don’t scrap a whole run when PQS can sort, inspect, or audit the product and remove any non-conforming product. PQS will save you money.

Sorting, Auditing, Inspecting Services

Sorting, Auditing, Inspecting Services


  • Automated and manual part sorting and separating services
  • Inside/outside diameter sorting
  • Mixed parts sorting
  • Value added sorting


  • Defect reporting
  • Quarantine and segregation of non-conforming products
  • Rapid results
  • Visual Verification


  • Container unloading with sorting
  • Depth, Length, Width, Height Inspection
  • Feature presence
  • Marking and Identification
  • Missing hardware/components
  • Omitted or unspecified geometrical features or dimensional anomalies
  • Presence of foreign material

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